Running Water & Retired (Virtual Cinema)

NR | 1 hr. 23 min.
Opened Friday, December 11th
Poster of Running Water & Retired (Virtual Cinema)
Still of Running Water & Retired (Virtual Cinema)


Running Water (2019) 83 Minutes

Synopsis: A lonely career machinist falls for a troubled young artist and they are drawn together while being guided through a mysterious dimension to reconcile with their pasts.

This film was shot Projected in Select theaters in 3D

ReTired: (2007) 12 Minutes

Synopsis: Doug fields hundreds of customer calls every day with good humour, but by the time the phone rings one minute after closing time on the worst day of his life, Doug's decision of whether or not to answer it becomes a matter of life and death.


Bevan Klassen, Frank Zappia


Lyle Morris, Naomi Cronk, Darryl Nepinak, Frank Zappia, Jill Zappia


Rated NR